Te Mato Vai Catchment progresses

Deputy Prime Minister Mark Brown at the Avana Catchment Site

Government and Landowners find way forward.

The landowners of Avana and a delegation from the Te Mato Vai unit including deputy prime minister Mark Brown made a site visit to the Avana catchment to see the progress of the works so far.

There are about 19 water crossings before you can get to the to the catchment area- which is the start point of the Avana site. Deputy Prime Minister Mark Brown says he was happy with the progress.

This is first time landowners have been invited to take a look at what work has been done. The government feels that landowners should be kept informed on the progress every step of the way.

Four years ago, there had been resistance from the landowners but that has changed now. The Avana landowners are happy that they have been able to do their part in an infrastructure project that helps the nation.

Next week, landowners of Turangi will be given a tour on how work is progressing on their site. (photos and news courtesy of Radio Cook Islands. )