House of Ariki Support Seabed Exploration

House of Ariki and Koutu Nui attend Sea Bed Mining consultation.

In consultation with our communities it was also essential we consulted with our Traditional Leaders and the house of Ariki. Joining us in Cabinet, the House of Ariki and Koutu Nui were able to better appreciate the benefits to this country from Seabed Mining and the exploratory phase we are in at the moment.

As well as the painstaking legislation and consultation that has already taken place over the past 5 years, by being able to present to them all the relevant information on Seabed mining and the exploration phase we are moving into.

Consultation has grown understanding and the House of Ariki are supportive of this governments efforts to explore the potential of Seabed Mining as long as the cost to the environment is minimized and caution as we proceed is factored in.