Tuesday May 08, 2018 Written by  Published in Politics

The Cook Islands Party (CIP) candidate for Takuvaine-Tutakimoa, Mark Brown says the Cook Islands have never been as prosperous as it is today in the country’s history.

Speaking at the CIP campaign launch for the 2018 General Elections on Wednesday last week, the finance minister talked about the impending graduation to developed status, improving economy and a healthy finance of the government.

He also shared government’s ongoing infrastructure and the upcoming projects aimed at improving the livelihood of C ook Islanders.

Brown said the other countries in the region were baffled at how Cook Islands, despite its small size, had the leading economy among the Pacific islands.

“We managed to do these things because we have done things in a new and different way than other countries are doing,” he said.

“We have been innovative in the way we are financing progress and development of our country, which is in such a way that no other country is doing.

“We are a country which is progressing well above the rest of the (Pacific island) countries.”

Brown said the CIP government’s development plan was based on a long term strategy, looking at the future of the country.

“Why we doing it … why we doing the water, why we doing the renewal energy? We’re doing this for our children and for those who are yet to be born. It is a long term plan, it’s for 100 years.

“We looking at the future of our people. We have invested close to $50m in education. We have increased the salaries of the teachers to value their contribution in educating our children.”

Brown said the CIP had a talented line up of candidates who were ready to continue “making it happen”.

“This is the team that will make it happen.

Everything we are doing is to lift the standard of living of our people. The government can do it, this team can do it.

“But on June 14, the only one that can make it happen is you.

“On June 14, tick the box that says CIP then you will get your government for another four years to increase the prosperity of our people, to help the education of our young people and to ensure that we have a bright future for our country.”