Misinformation admitted by Fake news Outlet

Fake News blog “Nuti Media have admitted that they got it wrong and have been posting  false information. When one publishes news as fact without doing the research then that is false news and misinformation on the part of the news outlet of which they are neither.

“Whilst we can – and will – admit that our figures/articles can and may be incorrect sometimes, …. One such small error we’ve made is estimating the debt to be over $200 million if the Manatua Cable loan funds were not accounted in the finance report – source: Nuti Media

This faceless nameless blog, attempted to threaten government and the good people of the Cook Islands. We as a government do not respond to threats from nameless agitators who do not have the best interests of this country at heart and whose only aim is to misinform and push out information that is BY THEIR OWN ADMISSION false and incorrect and malicious in its intent.